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Contact us  [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] if you want to invest in crypto currencies and launch your own portfolio. We'll assist you in the creation of your own crypto spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Our tool can  import and track the value of your cryptocurrencies on exchanges, cold storage and/or other locations.

The sheet comes with eye candy Dashboard elements that can be easily adjusted to your own preference.

Cost for Google Sheet: One-time donation fee to our partner (Moosy) : 60 USD

Costs for if you want to copy our crypto strategy (MFX1 Portfolio):

Cost fee: 3%

Performance fee: 10% (investors don’t pay performance fees if the Portfolio do not perform)

Management fee: 1%

Exit fee: 0.5%

Functional Highlights:

  • Live Balance Collection using Read Only API keys for a large number of Exchanges and/or Manual entry
  • Multi Account Support allows you to configure multiple accounts on the same exchange
  • Normalized currency symbols to have a common set cross exchanges
  • Calculates your holding to USD, EUR and BTC (and other fiat currencies)
  • Automatically saves total and subtotals periodically into a log (Triggers)
  • Dashboard(s) that can be fully customized/extended and dynamically get published to web or pdf

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